What We Do

Strategies For Market Entry

Serviceight is proud to be your number one resource when it comes to determining and developing a range of options to start up operations within overseas markets.

By analysing these options, it’s possible to identify the best approach, whether that be to open an international branch office, to work from the home market, to partner up with another business, or to appoint a representative or agent.

Business Partnering & Representation

The Serviceight team are happy to act as a representative on your behalf in the market that you are targeting, undertaking several activities for you. These include:

• Organising meetings with vital contacts with respect to in-market visits
• Overseeing your company’s virtual office so you can have greater visibility
• Testing the overseas local market to ensure your services are suitable
• Identifying any potential agents, licensees, potential partners or other useful business contacts
• Negotiating agreements for you
• Managing development activities and business establishment

How can we help with your Business Development?

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