Clients & Associations

As many projects work best as a team effort, the Serviceight team can work with a variety of hand-picked associates that are able to add value to your business.

The specialisation of those associates and the team size will vary depending on the nature of your project, however, in every case, Serviceight will remain your principal consultant as well as your sole contact.

The clients who usually engage us range from small companies to medium-sized operations within the business service sector who are considering expanding internationally but need connections and guidance to simplify and smooth the process. Providers of business services, unlike companies that export physical products, have different challenges when entering foreign markets since they have to first establish credibility. They are also facing several choices including whether they should set up an overseas branch office, seek out alliances or partnerships, or to work from the home market. Serviceight has extensive experience across numerous industries including consulting, software and communications. Our team also have strong links in the fields of architecture, engineering, law and accountancy. This means that we’re able to work with all types of company operating within the B2B service industry.

How can we help with your Business Development?

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