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Today’s economy has made it increasingly vital for business to expand into the global sphere to survive. However, in order to manage this successfully, strategic marketing and preparation activities are key.

In the business and professional services industry, this is especially true since this component is one of the most rapidly growing in global trade. Here at Serviceight, we meet service exporter’s needs when they are:

• Seeking essential information to allow businesses to gain access to overseas markets;
• Facing the challenge of intangibles in marketing, characterised by a need to increase awareness while demonstrating credibility;
• Understanding how valuable strategic planning is in respect of its cost-effectiveness and its ability to help avoid mistakes;
• Needing to identify appropriate alliances and/or partners so that they can succeed in their new business environment;
• Valuing the importance of being sensitive to differences in culture that can have an impact on the business’ bottom line;
• Choosing to outsource all the essential preparatory work because of limited expertise or a lack of internal staff so the process can be more time-efficient;
• Requiring complete confidentiality.
The Serviceight team are on hand to help your company to grow through highly successful expansion to new overseas markets.

How can we help with your Business Development?

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